Mahalakshmi Rajagopal



Both organisations, Sahayam Intervention Centre as well as Sahayam Charitable Trust, are the brain child of Mahalakshmi Rajagopal, Director , Sahayam Intervention Centre and Manging Trustee , Sahayam Charitable Trust.

Born into a middle class family , the inner calling to do something to the society, very early in life, motivated her to choose Masters in Psychiatric Social Work from Madras School of Social Work. It was indeed an Intervention from the Universe, that her first job was in a non drug therapy centre , where she was first introduced to various complementary healing systems, as effective tools to heal psychological ailments. Although she learnt some of the techniques , while on the job, she commenced her journey in the field of complementary systems, in a systematic way from 2000 by enrolling for pranic healing classes. She progressed to becoming a certified trainer in pranic healing and has over the years trained more than 800 people in pranic healing in different cities. Married to a defence officer, she moved cities and continuously offered her healing and counselling services to domestic helpers and sailors and their families. This gave her a lot of satisfaction of serving the community. All the while, she continued simultaneously with her private practice and her small stints in different organisations, as a result of her frequent moves. Living in different cities added to her understanding different cultures, beliefs, that play an important role in different individual’s perceptions. She has also published research papers and a book I am My Own Sunshine, related to holistic healing and wellness. Mahalakshmi continued to feel very strongly about mental health, spirituality, healing and she felt she was not able to give her best to the society by working in any organisation. This led to the birth of SAHAYAM. Both organisations were founded in 2014and in a short span, with the blessings of the Universe, has been able to reach out to larger sections of the society and different cities. At Sahayam, her objective is to integrate the conventional therapies of mental health with complementary healing systems for better results. So, not only does she integrate them in her individual sessions, she also integrates them in her workshops and her other professional consultations for the best benefit of the society.

In 2017, Mahalakshmi was awarded BR Ambedkar Award by the Ambedkar Sports Foundation, recognising her contribution in the field of social work.