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Top Ten Ways to Enhance Your Aura

By following these simple ten steps to good auric health, you can significantly improve your chances of attracting what you really love to your life! The first five steps are part of a daily auric energy practice, and the last five are an ongoing, long-term energy practice, which are part of the life of anyone who wishes to become healthier.

1. Ground — Clear out all unessential energy from your aura by visualizing a grounding cord from the base of your spine to the center of the earth. Let go of all your worries and fears about the future and frustrations with the past. When you have let go of all that, you can feel what is real, right now.

2. Assess Your Energy Centers — Once you’ve grounded, chances are good that your first chakra is open and all negative energy is swirling away. Look at your next chakra up, the second chakra, and feel how your body feels there. If you are tense, allow those tensions to drop down to the root chakra and drop away. Continue up all seven chakras, feeling how your body feels and letting go of tensions as you find them.

3. Meditate — Whether you practice a traditional style of meditation or simply take regular breaks from the pressures of your daily routine, all such relaxation provides you with much needed stress relief that gives your aura a chance to recharge itself.

4. Energize — Visualize your energy field growing and expanding with love. Remember all the people, places, and things you have loved the most and who love you the most, and bask in the radiant light of that love!

5. Seal Your Aura — Since you don’t want to lose your new-found sense of energy body balance and power, you can now benefit from visualizing that your energy is your own and not to be taken by others. While sitting clown, cross your ankles and gently press your fingertips together, reinforcing your visualization that your energy is your own.

6. Rest — Get enough sleep every day. A general rule of thumb is that if you awaken naturally of your own accord (without need of alarm clock or someone else awakening you) and feel refreshed and well rested, you’ve gotten enough sleep.

7. Eat a Balanced, Nutritious Diet — Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains.

8. Naturalize Yourself — Spend time (as much as possible) outdoors in natural settings. Breathe fresh air; feel the earth beneath your feet; wriggle your toes joyously in grass, sand, and water! Children who often play outdoors usually have very bright auras, and their playful attitude helps keep them young and healthy. The earth has tremendous restorative energy that she shares generously.

9. Exercise Your Physical Body — Do whatever regular exercises you feel comfortable with that help you maintain and develop your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular systems.

10. Watch and Minimize Your Drug Consumption — Minimize drugs (alcohol, stimulants, psychedelics), with exception of those recommended by your physician.

Playfully and Consistently Enhancing Your Aura

These ten steps are easy to remember in sequence, because the first letter in each of them taken together spells out a reminder message, “GAMES RENEW.” Remember to be playful as you “work” to enhance your aura!

You can gain the most advantage from these ten steps when you make them an integral part of your life. You’ll likely find that these steps are familiar, which shouldn’t he very surprising. After all, what’s good for your physical body is also good for your energy body!


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