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All offences , irrespective of the severity deserve punishment . This holds true irrespective of age / caste / status. Every offender deserves to be rehabilitated too. But the offender , to be rehabilitated needs to be reformed. Reformation is simply turning a new leaf. Now this does not happen over night. Nor does it happen by drinking a magic potion. It is a conscious effort under professional guidance to work on one’s  thought processes and learn to identify, track the negative triggering thoughts and consciously work on it and around it. Thus reformation of an offender is a guided process and is also a continuous process right from the time the offence has been discovered.

When one talks of indulging in to reforming an offender, the professional needs to take in to account various factors such as his / her economic status; education status; family dynamics ; the offenders childhood history and his/ her relationship with parents / siblings/ spouse etc. In short the professional reforming guide needs to collect and collate a wide range of information from the offender; his or her file as well as from his / her family members. This collation of information helps the professional to identify the pattern in the offence and it also serves as  a guideline with regard to the kind of intervention that will provide results. Most offenders will require psychoanalysis followed by intense therapy to help them heal  first and the reform next followed by rehabilitation. To emphasise once again, this whole process of therapy – reformation – rehabilitation is independent of the punishment he / she is expected to undergo  by the court as a result of the offence committed

In our society this step is sadly missing and most of us strongly feel in “ an eye for an eye” policy. But it is high time we realised by following this policy, we are aggressive ourselves and aggression is the root cause for any social crime. Secondly this policy may create fear in the population but will never be able to invoke the need to reform. Until and unless we facilitate reformation, we will not be able to heal our society of social crimes and we will not be instrumental in prevention of crimes.

A systematic professional  guided reformation followed by rehabilitation is a sure step to reducing crimes and thus reducing the number of offenders.



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