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Mental health is yet receive the importance it deserves in our country. While our country in totality is gaining a lot of awareness with regard to physical health and is actively progressing towards maintaining its physical health at an optimum level of wellness through holistic methods, mental health is grossly neglected. The neglected is surely due to the stigma attached to mental illness and the stigma is due to lack of awareness about the importance of mental health in an individual’s life. Better awareness and a positive psychological mindedness will contribute towards better plane of wellness of individuals. This state can be achieved by seeking appropriate help from mental health professionals at the right time and being receptive to the interventions.

Women experience  various stages of stress due to different health conditions and it would surely be a great support if mental health interventions are provided to them along with pharmacotherapy for their health conditions.

Pregnancy is a time when women will surely benefit from interventions such as Jacobson’s relaxation, guided imageries for relaxation , visualisations and affirmations guided by a mental health professional. Supportive therapies such as EFT ( Emotion Freedom Technique) too will help them handle their emotional upheavals, that generally occur during pregnancy , effectively.

Many women experience post partum blues. While many going through the phase, even recognise that they are experiencing post partum blues, rarely do they ever seek professional help. There is hardly any awareness about how a mental health professional or a professional counsellor can help a woman experiencing post partum blues.

Another important phase when women will really benefit from the support of a mental health professional is the menopause period when they experience mood swings, unrealistic and exaggerated misconceptions about their body, appearance, their interpersonal relationships and many more emotional distress.

While a lot of sensitisation is required in this area in order to help women heal themselves more holistically by availing these services, mental health professionals themselves need to focus more on the area of interventions for psycho somatic ailments and mental health interventions for body mind balance and enhancement.

As we begin to become aware of these interventions as avenues for better health and wellness, it also helps to understand the types of interventions and how they work.

Relaxation therapies, visualisations and guided imageries will help irrespective of the problem / ailment/ condition being experienced by the women. Following the same, women may require psychotherapy / cognitive behaviour therapy / therapeutic counselling sessions based on the core cause as well as the frilled causes and symptoms.

While psychotherapy helps in handling emotional distress, cognitive therapy helps in changing perceptions, introspection and logical reasoning and analysis of one’s thought processes and  behaviour. It also works on behaviour modification and management. Along with these conventional therapies, when complementary healing systems too are used, the recovery is faster and more long lasting.

It is important to understand that a therapeutic session conducted by a professional has specific objectives and it is her endeavour to attain the same during the session. Hence these sessions are time specific and conclude within the time frame once the objectives are achieved. Hence one need not be concerned that these sessions will go on forever.

It is indeed important for each one of us to reach out and sensitise every individual in our community and society and thus develop a healthy positive psychologically minded society open to maintaining and enhancing their mental health and thus leading a holistically healthy life.



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