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Sahayam believes in a multipronged holistic approach towards emotional enrichment. The different kinds of interventions offered by Sahayam are :

Individual consultation
Psychological Assessments

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1. Individual Consultations

Emotion Freedom Technique

Founded by Gary Craig,works on blocked meridians along with guided affirmations. This technique is very easy to practice  and extremely effective .


Pranic Healing

PRANIC HEALING is a scientific system of complimentary healing . It is a non touch healing technique wherein the healing is applied to the energy body and the chakras. This healing can be learnt by one and all and can be used as supportive and or preventive method for maintaining good health. These therapies can be availed by anyone and everyone of any age group to offload their emotional baggage and lead a normal healthy life with healthy mind.


Therapeutic Counseling

Therapeutic counseling is a scientific method of providing help to the client. The session is planned with an objective and concluded by achieving the same. In cases where the same is not achieved, it is carried forward to the next session. COUNSELING IS NOT ADVISING. A professional counselor uses the fundamentals of psychological theories in every stage of counseling – diagnosing the root cause of the problem, understanding the emotional state of the client and enabling the client to work through his blocks and reach a solution. Sahaym follows an eclectic method of client centered therapeutic counseling wherein the best of the different theories of psychology are used as a base to enable the client to break through and experience a change within.


2. Psychological Assessments

– Both psycho educational as well as psychological assessments including projective techniques are being used at Sahaym to facilitate accurate diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic intervention.

a) Psycho educational assessments to diagnose cause of academic difficulties / failure

b) Psychological assessments for various types of difficulties, disabilities and social maladaptation for adults and senior citizens


3. Training

– Some of the workshops designed and conducted by Sahaym are :

TEEN SATVIK AGE – A unique programme for students to empower them and enable them to overcome their aggressive behaviour and tendencies

RECHARGE – A three day workshop for teenagers introducing them to holistic health and working on self to grow and evolve.

Morning Glory – A comprehensive school health programme catering to both academic and non academic needs

SAJIV JEEVAN – A programme exclusive for teenage girls empowering them to handle all challenges that they face during the period.

STREE VIKASATI – Women empowerment workshop focusing on emotional assertiveness

TRANSFORM!!!– A very intense course for professionals and individuals interested in working on their own self

SILVER SUNSHINE – workshop for senior citizens to enable them cope with their emotional roller coaster rides


Sahayam also conducts one day / two days workshops on certain issues such as:

Emotion Management.
Holistic Life Skills Workshop.
Understanding Self Responsibility.
Improving Interpersonal Relationship.
Understanding your Stress and managing it.
Your energy field and YOU.
Work life Management.


The Workshops are designed to have a lasting impact on the individual’s personal and professional life as they  are tailor made to suit the requirement of the participants.


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