Pranic healing is one of the many complimentary healing systems followed in the world over. A healing or therapy that adds support to an individual’s healing / growth / development is considered to be a complimentary healing technique or supportive technique. Many a times, these complimentary healing techniques, by themselves do bring about a miraculous transformation or healing in the client. But a good healer never advocates against regular system of treatment.

Pranic Healing is a non-touch therapy. As the name suggests, this healing technique is all about healing the prana in the individual with the help of prana. Yes! The healer is simply a channel for the flow of energy; he /she heals the dirty / negative energy in the client with the help of the energy in the environment. A pranic healer – who is a healer? I have a very lengthy answer for this. Every individual- when he or she simply thinks regarding the welfare of another is a healer at that moment. He /she simply transfers energy in the form of thought in to the Universe for the others’ well-being. Approaching it from this perspective , every mother is indeed a healer; every good friend is a healer too. Every time any person conducts the ritual of removing the “negative eye” with fervour and faith , he / she is a healer.

As in any method, a structure; a logic; a strategy is essential for better functioning and effective results. The pranic healing course and healers who practice the healing , follow a structure; a methodology ; a strategy for diagnosis and for treatment.

This healing method offers solutions to various types of physical and psychological ailments. But pranic healing is much beyond healing the body and mind. It helps one to cleanse the physical environment too with the healing techniques.  Pranic healing helps one to understand the impact of one’s thoughts on his / her environment ; on his or her own energy field . Regular use of the techniques helps one to assess the negativity in the environment ; protect oneself from it and also cleanse the environment of the negativity. Thus the techniques, once practiced regularly , not only helps one to strengthen one’s physical body and keep it healthy ; but also helps one to maintain a healthy mind besides helping to keep the  energy in the environment healthy and positive too. The regular use of the healing system enables one to develop the subtler faculties and thus enhance one’s higher faculties.

Pranic healing is not just about healing . It is surely an effective solution for prevention of ill health and promotion of wellness . Pranic healing is a strategy that enables a person to develop holistically and evolve as a better human being and follow the path toward higher planes.



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