What People Say?

 Sahayam Intervention Centre – What People Say – Therapeutic Counselling Workshop


“During my personal coaching with Mrs. Mahalakshmi, I discovered many things about myself that I never knew about. As a result of my coaching, I developed a positive attitude and now take every action and its consequences in a very different perspective and do not let things bother me for long.” Nishtha – School Teacher  Delhi

“In my time with Sahayam I developed an attitude of setting concrete and measurable goals rather than getting overwhelmed by the situations. Also, the confidence which came through due to the coaching helped me deal with my customers and team in an effective manner and helped improve the interpersonal skills significantly.” Nisha Senior Manager, Corporate, New Delhi

“I was diagnosed with ADHD and Learning Disability. These were new terms for me and my parents back then, Mahalakhshmi Mam explained me, my parents and my teacher about it and coached me how to get along with it. Today when I look back I see drastic change that has brought in my life. She also inspired my wish to work in the field of mental health.” Deesha Chhatbar – Clinical Psychologist, Vadodra

“I always took pride in the fact that my team members sought me for counsel and advice and that I could frequently provide solutions to their issues. Mahalakshmi helped me understand the difference between Rescuer and Helper. She then guided me to play the role of a Helper instead, wherein my team members learned to solve their problems themselves and I progressively weaned off their dependency. I felt my contribution as a leader had improved manifold.” Bhaskar S. Kaushik – Capt. (I.N) Retired,  Benguluru

“Mahalakshmi conducted a team building workshop on the principles of holistic healing. During the workshop we experienced a real connection within team members and an ability to face the future opportunities with positivity rather than trepidation. The team learnt the importance of clearing mental garbage, work life balance, meditating and following a single goal as a team.” Meera Kumar – Branch Head Goa

“I attended a number of trainings and workshops at Sahayam. The best thing about these trainings was that they provided hands on practical experience and she even offered a follow up session via Skype or in person. What I really appreciate about her approach is that she aims to empower the individuals rather than making dependent on her for support.” Shipra Sachdeva – Special Educator, New Delhi


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